A Post About Doing Too Much

So another new year has begun, which brings on the requisite new year’s resolutions. Now I like making some good goals and having a to-do list to check off, but I really wish the new year started when it was warmer outside. There’s nothing like cold weather to deflate what little motivation and momentum I had to go to the gym or eat a salad. I just want to stay home in my cozy socks and jogger pants, eat pizza, and watch TV. Basically, I just want to hibernate. The gym, salads, reading 500 page novels, that’s all stuff to tackle when it’s warm out.

Well, it’s out of my hands to change the timing of new year’s resolutions, so I will just roll with it and plan out my goals that I want to focus on this year. Unfortunately for me, I’ve put A LOT on my plate.

Some of the things I would like to work on or add to my life are as follows: exercise more, eat healthier, start meditating, do more yoga, start playing tennis again, read more books, read more scripture, stick to a budget, pray more consistently, keep my house cleaner, make more time for family and friends, etc. etc. etc.

While these are all noble goals to have, I only have 24 hours in a day and I’m already starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by this to-do list that I have created for myself. These things are suppose to improve my life and make it better, yet trying to fit all of it in one day is causing me a bit of anxiety. I tend to be that person that goes from 0 to 100mph with activities. I want to sign up for everything, and do everything, and create a group if it doesn’t exist, etc, but then I start to feel the weight of my overzealousness and I retreat back big time.  I need to learn to find a happy medium somehow.

I started making these check off boxes for each day of the year for each of my goals in my bullet journal. That is A LOT of boxes. Today I have decided to rip those pages off and look at it a different way. If I have accomplished any one thing from that above goal list, then one box gets checked off for the day. If I mediated but didn’t read that day, great, I still did something good, so check the box. If I did laundry and dishes but didn’t work out today, I still get to check the box. It’s so much less pressure on myself this way. I’m still trying to focus on what good I am doing that day, but I don’t have to force myself to crunch in all of the goals in 24 hours every day. And most importantly, I still get to check off a box. I need that sense of accomplishment.

I also need to focus on creating margin and space in my life, and letting God’s plans for me have room to grow without me crowding them out with my busyness. As much as I like to have plans and be doing stuff, I also need that time to recharge and just let things unfold. That is another goal I will work on this year.

Good luck to you with your resolutions and goals this year! And keep working at it! It’s a growing process, not all or nothing. Each day can be a fresh start, and I look forward to when those fresh starts happen in 70 degree weather!

Much love y’all!