A Post about the Ridiculous Cost of Kids’ Activities

I am the type of person that loves to stay busy. I like scheduling activities and such, but when it comes to actually executing them, I am the first to complain about how I’m tired and already over it. Like I mentioned in a previous post, it seems my favorite hobby is coming up with new hobbies. I like the thrill of something new to look forward to, plus I like to have plans.

Nugget is 2 1/2 years old, so she is almost to that magical age of being allowed to sign up for various extra-curricular activities, whether it’s dance, soccer, gymnastics, underwater basket weaving, whatever. 3 is that magical age where you no longer have to do Mommy and Me, but you can send them on their merry way to be independent little darlings discovering their inner (insert famous artist/athlete’s name here).

My hubbin usually ends up having to work on most Saturdays, so I like to get out of the house with the girls and do whatever we can to keep Mommy from going stir crazy. I’ve been currently investigating the options of activities that I can get Nugget signed up for in a few months, and I am just absolutely flabbergasted at the costs.

So far it looks like a 45 minute dance class once a week would be the cheapest option at $590 for the school year. A gymnastics/dance combo for 1 hour a week is looking at $810 for the school year, and a 45 minute weekly music class, which at least would include Coco, too, is a whopping $855 for the school year. What. The. Hell? I mean, I would love for the girls to do an activity together, but I can’t justify paying that much money for a music class so Coco can chew on a plastic tambourine the whole time. For goodness sakes, they are only 2 1/2 and 9 months!!! Why are these activities so expensive??

And unfortunately it sounds like it only gets more expensive the older they get. Plus once they get older, they actually have opinions on what they want to do and will insist on specific activities. With my luck, they’ll pick the most obscure and expensive activity to do, horseback riding gymnastics or something equally crazy expensive.

I really want to get them involved in an activity and spark whatever hidden talents and abilities they have, plus I also want to get out of the house on Saturday mornings, but crap, I just can’t justify these costs. I have too much debt to work on paying off for this kind of nonsense.

I’m going to really have to mull it over and decide if this is worth it. The only activity I will consider at this point would be the dance class since it’s the cheapest, unless another cheaper activity came along. I haven’t looked into soccer yet cause Nugget turns 3 after the school cut off date, so I have to find activities that cater to the almost 3 crowd. I know, this is totally a first world problem. It’s shameful.

Maybe an almost 3 year old doesn’t need an organized activity yet. Maybe I can find something free to do with both of them and just start a fund for later activities that they actually request. It’s already giving me panic attacks thinking of the cost of activities for 2 kids, and lets just pray that they are not flighty like their mother and want to try everything for 2 seconds then move on to the next.

Much love y’all, Mama Michelle




A Post about Why I Hate Graduation Ceremonies

OK, so I realize that this year’s graduation season has already come and gone, but this is a topic that I have been stirring around in my brain for awhile and just had the opportunity to sit down and write. Now this may be a bit “controversial” to some, but I hate graduations and I want to tell you why.

Let me set the record straight. I am all for earning a degree and getting yourself educated. What I am not about is sitting through an hours-long ceremony to watch people get handed an empty diploma cover (no, there’s no actual diploma in those things during the ceremony) and have their names mispronounced, after listening to several speakers drone on about “seizing the day”!

I have never been a fan of graduation ceremonies. I have technically earned 4 degrees (high school diploma, Associates, Bachelors, and Masters) but have only participated in one ceremony, and that was the high school one, and only because all my friends were doing it. In fact, for my Bachelors ceremony, I decided to skip it and go on a trip out of town instead.

Ironically, I have landed myself in a career where I am now forced to attend a graduation ceremony ever single school year, like the movie Ground Hog’s Day of graduations. I am a High School Counselor. You see, all faculty at every high school must attend the graduation ceremonies. It’s mandatory!

And it’s not that I can just sit casually and take a nap, I mean, watch. I actually have to participate by marching in and wearing a God awful robe! The robes! I hate those robes!!! I am not the one graduating, why do I have to wear that stupid robe? This past year my robe rode around in the back of my car on the floor getting stepped on and spilled on, and when graduation time rolled around, I had to take that thing to get dry cleaned at the last minute, which cost me $14!! You better believe I hung it up immediately in my closet after this year’s ceremony! At least the good thing about being faculty is we don’t have to wear the stupid caps. Those caps are even worse than the robes!

This year I also had the role of having to read the names of my students as they walked on stage. Talk about the most stressful job at graduation! If you pronounce that kid’s name wrong, you have 50 of their closest relatives in the audience to witness it and get upset. Sorry Abcde Skzolzfski, no matter how many times I try to practice it, your name ain’t getting said right!

Honestly, the only people that care about graduation are the parents, and I totally get why. It takes a lot to get a kid through 18 years of school. The only graduation ceremony I will probably ever care about will be Nugget’s and Coco’s, just because those are my kids and they could graduate from Sunday School and I would be proud. Graduation is definitely for the parents. Meanwhile,  I will just keep attending each year, and one day, I will get my moment of excitement when it’s my kids’ turns.

Personally though, as an actual graduate, I would rather go on a vacation than attend a ceremony. The higher the degree, the better trip you get. PhD? All inclusive trip to Aruba! You earned it!

Much love, Mama Michelle