A Post about the February Funk

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, and it seems like I have come down with a case of what I would like to call “The February Funk”. You see, January is the time where you get excited about the fresh start of a new year and all those amazing goals you’re going to accomplish. Resolutions are made, blank planners with fancy colorful pens are purchased, vision boards and to-do lists are crafted. It’s the perfect time for goal setting, self-reinvention, motivation!

Then February rolls around. All those great resolutions and goals that you set for yourself are already gathering dust as life and reality settle in. When do I have time to go to the gym, read more, clean out that junk drawer/closet/room (there’s a lot of junk in this house)? The days did not magically add more hours to themselves. My paycheck did not magically increase for me to be able to save up for all of those expenses. And time. I just don’t have it. It is a resource that I am sorely lacking. And it’s not like I am doing anything fun. I wish I was so busy playing tennis and going to beer tastings that I can’t get anything done, but that unfortunately is not the case. I am busy washing the same baby bottles and pump parts over and over. And that stupid sink? What’s with those dishes that always find their way back in it? Or the stupid clothes that always find their way back into the laundry basket, demanding to be washed and hung up? It’s the same mundane tasks always sucking up my time.

I’m just in a bit of a funk because my goal setting and resolutions have not quite taken off the way I would like them to. It is only February though, and there is still plenty of time to get my act together, but right now, I just need to snap out of my February funk and charge ahead. One thing I don’t want to fall behind on though is my blog posting, so hopefully I can continue to find some inspiration to blog about. What are some resolutions that you are struggling with? Hopefully you’re finding yourself to be a lot more motivated and productive than I am, but if not, maybe a picture of my Valentine’s Day leggings will help cheer you up? Peace, y’all!