A Post About my Uncool Fashion Sense

So one of the first items that I’ve decided to purge has been my clothing. I’m definitely guilty of having piles of clothes on the floor, on chairs, in laundry baskets, hanging over the bed, yet still only wearing the same 7 pieces of clothing all of the time. My dog will sometimes even nest in my piles of clothes. That’s when you know that it’s time to clean that crap up. 

I decided to sort out a bag that would go straight to Goodwill and a bag that I would try to sell at a consignment type store such as Plato’s Closet, just to make a little extra cash to go towards the credit card debt. Now I’m not one to buy the clothes with the fancy labels, but I have a few jeans and sweaters from American Eagle, Gap, etc that surely they would buy from me. 

Boy was I rudely mistaken. I lugged this bag of clothes to two different stores for them to buy not. one. thing. Really?! 

So the first store basically told me that they were not interested in my jeans because mine are boot cut and they are looking for straight leg and skinny. Um, I thought bootleg was a timeless cut? I mean, we’re not talking bell bottoms here. When did boot leg become the new mom jeans???

I don’t know why I even bothered to go to the second store since their target demographic is clearly high school kids, but I thought what the hell. I’ll only lose an hour of my precious child-free time for them to sort through my clothes and maybe buy one thing. Nope. Dead end there, too. And I just feel insulted on behalf of my out of trend, old mom clothes.

So basically I am still stuck with this bag of clothes, and now I have $5 less than I started since I ended up buying my kids a few pieces from the kids’ consignment. 

My last ditch effort will be Facebook or a yard sale, but I’m not banking much on that being successful. I probably should just save myself the hassle and skip to donating them already,  but geez, I thought some of my clothes could be worth a little something! Nope, I’m officially uncool. 

But my leggings game? That’s on point! Probably because leggings are the new mom pants. 


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